15th March 2023: Brain Awareness Week – the ANGIE project

Blëtz a.s.b.l. shares the latest stroke care innovation using microbots on behalf of the Stroke Alliance For Europe (S.A.F.E.)

Today, we invite you to explore the latest innovations in stroke car and the exciting work being done by the ANGIE project.

The ANGIE project is working to develop a novel approach to stroke treatment using magnetic microrobots that can be steered inside the brain to the blood where drugs can be targeted at the stroke site. This has the potential to greatly improve the effectiveness of stroke treatment and could have a significant impact on patient outcomes.

To learn more about the ANGIE project and their latest developments, be sure to check out their podcast https://youtu.be/MsTSCR-V3Ps where you’ll get exclusive insights and updates on their progress. Additionally, stay up to date with their newsletter https://h2020-angie.eu/elementor-1152/ and Chat Lab https://h2020-angie.eu/chat-lab/ where you can engage directly with experts in the field.

We hope you’ll join the conversation and stay on the cutting edge of stroke research. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by #stroke.

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