25. November 2020: Blëtz and the Virtual SAFE 2020 MEMBERS MEETING

“Life after stroke: rising to the challenge”

  1. Economic impact of stroke in Europe
  • The European Life After Stroke Forum
  • Life after stroke and the Stroke Action Plan for Europe
  • Face-to-face support for stroke survivors and their families and carers
  • Online support for stroke survivors and their families and carers
  1. Stroke care and COVID19
  • 81% said that stroke survivors were facing issues, such as fear of going to hospital and lack of access to care/medicines, loneliness, increased anxiety and depression, and financial hardship
  • 70% said that stroke care plans in their countries had been disrupted
  • 50% reported that they had seen specific recommendations from scientific/medical societies for stroke patients and their care in times of COVID19
  1. COVID19 and impact on stroke support organisations
  • 88% had to cancel events
  • 75% had to stop direct work
  • 75% concerned or very concerned about the long-term sustainability of their organisation
  • 46% are developing digital means of support and communications to meet the needs of stroke survivors

We would hereby like to sincerely thank John Barrick, SAFE President for his invaluable input in furthering the awareness of stroke and we wish him all the best for his retirement.

We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Hariklia Proios, the newly elected SAFE President and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with her and with Arlene Wilkie, SAFE General Director.

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